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Employment Potential for an MBA

Posted on September 18th, 2015 by Mark Cintron

Employment: our MBA’s are designed to maximize opportunities and return on investment

Firstly, our strategy to maximize our students employment potential is not only by preparing them better but also by placing them in markets that offer them the most opportunities and giving them the tools to stay there.

Secondly, many consider only the institutions name, and unfortunately there are many unemployed today with degrees from the top-ranked universities in the world with a substantial debt and no work in sight.

Thirdly, we maximize our students academic opportunities by offering two degrees for the price of one. An MBA Accredited in the US and an MBA Accredited in the EU awarded by the University of Roehampton in the UK.

Employment possibilities, return on investment, global credentials, and maximum flexibility = Employment

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2015 CGI Middle East & Africa: Morning Breakout Session, The Future Of Energy, Food And Water: Innovations In Water Sustainability

Posted on May 13th, 2015 by Mark Cintron

We congratulate and thank SIU’s Professor Grace Obado for her part in 2015 Clinton Global Initiative for the Middle East and Africa.

Prof. Grace Obado is the CEO of Hidrolution Kenya, a company with a leading technology in eco-friendly water purification. She has successfully led both the technical and marketing teams, introducing Hidrolution’s eco-friendly technology in Africa, Europe and the Americas.
Prof. Obado teaches International Relations and Sustainable Development at the Madrid Campus of Schiller International University and has published various articles and co- authored a book entitled: Laws of Success, adapted for Africa.

For a closer look at this year’s 2015 CGI Conference:


Posted on April 22nd, 2015 by Mark Cintron

Mr.  Pedro Serrahima

 CEO –  Pepe Phone

Picture from TICBEAT

Picture from TICBEAT

A unique opportunity to meet one of Spain´s most innovative companies and see the way they do business.

Learn about the successful reinvention of the concept of thinking “outside of the box” in the telecom sector.

 When:    Wednesday,  April 29 – 14:15 PM

Where: Velázquez Hall

Calle Serrano 156 (plaza República Argentina)

Career Services – Alumni share their experiences

Posted on February 28th, 2015 by Mark Cintron



Marta Lamas ( SIU alumnus), Felipe Raga (SIU alumnus) and G. Arias  (SIU student) explained their experiences in the corporate world (Lidle, Telefónica, Deloitte and Touch, Demon Quest, British Telecom, NH Hoteles, Banco de Santander as well as in the entrepreneurial world.



Artur Arutyunov (SIU MBA STUDENT) talked about how to search for an internship through different internet portals, how to write an effective CV and cover letter, the creation of a LinkedIn account and its importance, and good websites where to look for internships/jobs.


“One program – two degrees”

Posted on January 26th, 2015 by Beatriz Ovejero




Double degree benefit for students as Schiller enhances worldwide employment opportunities

An innovative new pan-Atlantic academic agreement will mean students registered with Schiller International University in the USA will also study towards a second, separate degree authorized by the University of Roehampton in London.

University of Roehampton

University of Roehampton

Schiller International University (SIU) and the University of Roehampton (UoR) in London have signed an agreement where students will study for a degree awarded by Roehampton alongside their Schiller degree and receive two separate qualifications. A student from anywhere in the world studying at Schiller will earn an accredited US degree and a British degree valid in 45 countries under the Bologna process. This is a truly innovative arrangement, which will benefit Schiller’s student body by providing them with a global profile.

Regardless of the campus of choice: Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg or soon Florida (once it receives final approval), Schiller students will also be enrolled in the University of Roehampton. With a heritage which stretches back 170 years, the University of Roehampton, offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines including business and economics. Set in a scenic, traditional campus overlooking the Royal Richmond Park, Roehampton has a reputation for an excellent student experience, high levels of student employability and cutting edge research-led teaching.


Student Success

"I would like to say, that Madrid campus of Schiller International University is a great place of knowledge, warm atmosphere and home friendly community. Students at the Madrid campus learn to think globally, creatively, critically and to be unique personalities have many options to make their study years interesting and unforgettable. Spain is a sunny, bright, friendly country and it is a pleasure to study in the capital of Spain!"

~ Roksolana Burianenko

"During my four years at Schiller International University as an undergrad student, I especially appreciated being taught by professors with real world experience ready to equip us to confront real situations in our professional careers. SIU offers a great international environment where teamwork is put into practice. I enjoyed the very open-minded and rich interaction with the classmates and professors during my BBA program at SIU. "

~ Edgar Barroso
BBA, International Business

"I have really enjoyed my time at Schiller because it's truly student-focused which makes classes more enjoyable. The professors and staff are very helpful and they make sure you are succeeding not only academically but personally as well - they have your back! I also enjoy the International experience, having also lived in Saudi Arabia, London, and Spain, you learn to adapt to cultural differences and you know that this experience will be useful wherever you go."

~ Tarek Nazzal

"I have had a good experience at Schiller, I have enjoyed my classes, I have been taught by professors who have a lot of international experience, and from students that are from different nationalities, all while being able to live in Madrid. I feel lucky to have found Schiller."

~ Jennifer Rey