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IR501 – Workshop on Diplomacy


Course Number: IR 501
Course Title: Workshop in Diplomacy
Credits: 3
Contact hours: 45

Mode of Delivery: Classroom instruction. See Addendum for specific details.

Pre-requisites: Graduate Standing


The course concentrates on practical aspects of diplomacy, including policy formulation, representation, reporting and analysis, persuasion, consular protection and services, public affairs, and administration. The approach is both historical and practical, including examples from real life.

{tab=Learning Outcomes}

Upon Successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


Examine the diplomatic and consular career, its objectives, its ethics and its specialist terminology. Exam, course assignments
Write diplomatic reports and analyses. Exam, course assignments
Create foreign policy. Exam, course assignments
Examine consular work. Exam, course assignments
Create demarches to foreign governments. Exam, course assignments



Basic Texts:

Title: Diplomacy, 34thed

Authors: Nicolson, Sir Harold

Publisher: Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown

ISBN: 0934742529

Title: Diplomatic Handbook, 6th ed

Author: Feltham, R.G

Publisher: Longman, 1992.



Additional Reading and Supplemental Texts:

Kissinger, Henry A.Diplomacy,Simon & Schuster,1994

Gore-Booth, Lord (ed.),Satow’s Guide to Diplomatic Practice, Longman 1988

Macomber, William,The Angels Game, revised ed., published by author, 1997

Thayer, Charles W.,Diplomat, Harper & Bros. and Greenwood Press, 1959



Topics Covered Academic Hours:


Diplomatic history and organization 15

  • Ancient, Byzantine, Italian, French, and “American” diplomacy
  • Foreign ministries
  • Broader foreign affairs actors
  • Diplomatic and Consular missions
  • Diplomatic characteristics and ethics

Consular Work – Guest Lecture 3

  • Protection, visas, etc.

Midterm examination 1.5

Methods and techniques of communication 13.5

  • Reporting and analysis
  • Policy making
  • Demarches
  • Terminology

Protocol, privileges and immunities 3

Conference management 3

“Humanitarian Intervention” 3

Final examination 3

Total 45 hrs.