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EN 111 – English Composition

1.  Course Number:  EN 111                    Credits:  3         Contact hours: 45


2.  Course Title:         English Composition  


3.  Pre-requisites:       EL 131/132 or appropriate score on English exam

or native speaker


4.  Course Description:

This course is an overview of grammatical and syntactical elements, paragraph and theme development. Expository writing aimed to enhance students’ capacity to formulate, organize, and express thoughts logically, clearly and effectively. Students write short essays and read selected prose models.


5. Learning Outcomes

Upon Successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


Write more clear and effective effectively sentences. Exams, written assignments, classroom work
Read critically. Exams, written assignments, classroom work
Organize coherent, unified essays around a clear central thesis supported by specific details. Exams, written assignments, classroom work
Recognize and avoid common formal and stylistic errors. Exams, written assignments, classroom work
Review and revise their own writing. Exams, written assignments, classroom work
Demonstrate an ability to articulate their ideas concisely and correctly on assigned subjects. Exams, written assignments, classroom work


 6.  Basic Texts:


Refer to Textbook List for current enrollment period.


7.  Additional Reading and Supplemental Texts:

As assigned by instructor


8.  Mode of Delivery:

Classroom Instruction.

See Addendum for additional information.

9.  Course Outline:

• Introduction to essay form: thesis and support

• Prewriting, outlining

• Stating and narrowing thesis: thesis faults, essay structure

• Supporting thesis with specific evidence: specific vs. vague language

• Organizing the essay: using transitions, emphatic and

• Chronological organization

• Functional areas: introduction, body and conclusions; titles

• Evaluation and revision for unity, support, coherence, correct

• Sentence structure

• Organizational patterns: description, narration, comparison/contrast, process

• Mid-term examination

• Definition, using the dictionary. Introduction to library resources

• Writing correct sentences: parallelism, modifiers, sentence emphasis

• Writing correct sentences: quoting, active vs. passive voice, wordiness

• Writing correct sentences: comma faults, fragments, run-ons

• Effective word choice: levels of usage

• Review and final examination