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Course Descriptions

BA 322 – International Marketing

BA 322 International Marketing (3) Prerequisite: MAR 2011 Entire range of international marketing, beginning with start-up operations, continuing with new market entry considerations, and concluding with the international issues confronting giant global marketers. Addresses the reality of the interchange between business and government by analyzing international marketing issues from both the business and policy perspective. […]

BA 341 – Business Finance I

BA 341 Business Finance I (3) Prerequisite: ACG 2001 Introduces students to the basics of financial management within the medium and large-sized organization. Emphasis on current problems of finance and the development of basic principles.

BA 369 – Sustainable Development

BA 369 Sustainable Development (3) This course is concerned with the challenges and opportunities of finding sustainable patterns and processes of development within the international community for the future.

BA 370 – Business Communication

BA 370 Business Communication (3) Prerequisites: EN 111 or 112 Aims to improve the student’s ability to write concise, well-organized, effective business messages, including letters, resumes, memorandums and reports. Strategies and techniques will be analyzed for communicating in a range of typical business situations. Writing practice.

BA 374 – Statistics

BA 374 Statistics (3) Prerequisite: MGF 1107 or MA 172 The population; frequency distribution; data; graphical displays; descriptive analysis; relative and cumulative frequency distributions; population parameters; arithmetic mean, median, mode, variability, variance and standard deviation; basic definitions of probability, the addition law, conditional probability, joint probability table; the multiplication law; statistical independence, counting techniques, the […]