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BA 501 – Organizational Behavior

BA 501 Organizational Behavior (3) Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on the behavior within organizations. Practical examples. Methods related to problem-solving within organizations.

BA 510 – Business Economics

BA 510 Business Economics (3) Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Emphasis on applicability of economic theory to both the business/internal dynamics of business and the external circumstances under which businesses operate. Course provides necessary knowledge, tools, and understanding of economic discourse as a basis for the study of business as well as a background of the basic […]

BA 513 – Financial and Managerial Accounting

BA 513 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3) Prerequisite: Graduate standing. This course is designed for the MIM and MBA prep student who has little or no previous background in accounting. The course consists of two parts: financial accounting and managerial (management) accounting, to include cost accounting and budgeting.

BA 515 – Managerial Finance

BA 515 Managerial Finance (3) Prerequisite: Two undergraduate accounting courses or BA 513. Function of managing business funds, mobilizing cash and credit and planning their use to further the objectives of the firm.

BA 522 – International Marketing

BA 522 International Marketing (3) Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Developing international strategies in planning market research and control with regard to legal, cultural and economic factors involved in crossing borders.