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BA 455 – International Trade and Finance

BA 455 International Trade and Finance (3) Prerequisites: ECO 2013 and 2023 The course covers major theories seeking to explain international trade patterns, mechanisms for international payments, systems for determining and influencing exchange rates, major international institutions influencing trade are discussed, as well as the role of international investment and multinational corporations. (Same as EC […]

BA 469 – Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

BA 469 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures (3) Prerequisites: GEB 1350, ACG 2001-2011, MAR 2011 Disciplined and practical look at the entrepreneur and small business enterprise. Characteristics of the entrepreneur; rewards and pitfalls of new businesses; basic planning techniques for new business ventures.

BA401 – Human Resources Management

1.  Course Number:  BA 401         Credits:  3         Contact hours: 45 2.  Course Title:         Human Resources Management  3.  Pre-requisites:       BA 131 and at least one upper-level BA course  4.  Course Description:Familiarizes students with the activities of a human resources (HR) manager and the specific problems of managing a workforce.  Cases and simulation exercises, HR planning, training and development of employees.  Problems of industrial […]

EC 352 – Economic Geography

EC 352 Economic Geography (3) Prerequisites: ECO 2013 – 2023 . Examines economic activity and production as a function of geographical location. Economic models to explain how economic activities are located, primary, secondary and tertiary production; services; a comparative analysis of global demography; rise and roles of the city and the metropolis; effects of technology; […]

EC 452 – Resources and the Environment

EC 452 Resources and the Environment (3) Prerequisites: ECO 2013 and ECO 2023 An indepth look at the environmental problems in all parts of the world. Solving current environmental problems can most likely only be achieved by collective action. Issues that will be looked at are, for example, the changing patterns in resource development, the […]