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BA 384 – Behavioral Aspects

BA 384 Behavioral Aspects (3) Prerequisites: GEB 1350 or PSY 1021 Focuses on group behavior and leadership necessary to transform human resources into effective organizational entities. Emphasizes the theory and practice that relate to individuals interacting in the work environment. Case studies, films and guest speakers.

BA 401 – Human Resources Management

BA 401 Human Resources Management (3) Prerequisites: GEB 1350 and at least one upper-level BA course Familiarizes students with the activities of a human resources (HR) manager and the specific problems of managing a workforce. Cases and simulation exercises, HR planning, training and development of employees. Problems of industrial relations.

BA 427 – Marketing Management

BA 427 Marketing Management (3) Prerequisite: MAR 2011 and one upper-level Marketing course Strategic marketing management concepts and their application. Includes the critical role of marketing in organizational performance, market-oriented strategic planning, the application of online marketing and the development of marketing programs.

BA 437 – Multinational Enterprise

BA 437 Multinational Enterprise (3) Prerequisites: GEB 1350 and one upper-level BA course.Comparative study of organizing and managing the multinational enterprise. Topics include: organization structure; management policy; comparative industrial relations; legal, political, and social-cultural challenges.

BA 439 – International Business Policy

BA 439 International Business Policy (3) Prerequisites: GEB 1350, ECO 2023 or ECO 2013c and 4 th year standing. In-depth look at the multinational corporation as it operates and competes in the international business environment. The emphasis on organizational and administrative policies of the multinational company and their development and importance of structuring these aspects […]