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Buarianenko“I would like to say, that Madrid campus of Schiller International University is a great place of knowledge, warm atmosphere and home friendly community. My study year in Madrid campus of SIU has gone so fast, however, I will always remember many things, facts, which we have learned in different classes, for instance: International Relations, Political Science, World History classes with Dr. Duncan R. Shaw. Classes in Madrid campus of SIU are very useful and interesting; Professors give a huge amount of information, which is really interesting and important for students’ future careers. Students learn not only the book theory during the University classes, but also they learn to put their knowledge into the practice, which is essential for a successful career in modern world. Students at the Madrid campus learn to think globally, creatively, critically and to be unique personalities. Spain is a sunny, bright, friendly country and it is a pleasure to study in the capital of Spain. Students have many options to make their study years interesting and unforgettable, there a lot of activities are offering in the campus of SIU.

Roksolana Burianenko