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Barroso “During my four years at Schiller International University as an undergrad student, I especially appreciated being taught by professors with real world experience ready to equip us to confront real situations in our professional careers. SIU offers a great international environment where teamwork is put into practice. I enjoyed the very open-minded and rich interaction with the classmates and professors during my BBA program at SIU. Organized around classes with a limited number of students, the undergrad as well as the graduate programs support exchanges, not only between professors and students, but also between students themselves. This allowed us to learn to listen, think with a broader international vision, and exchange ideas in different fields with people from all around the world. What’s more, the international environment at SIU gave the students the opportunity to meet each other and create contacts that went beyond our studies and carried on to our future careers and personal lives. I still keep in touch with many of my friends and classmates from Schiller Madrid and Schiller Paris. SIU Madrid has a fantastic campus which is very conveniently located in one of the best districts of the city. Moreover, the competencies as well as the availability of the teaching and administrative staff at that campus are undoubtedly a plus. Thank you again for allowing me to profit from these excellent resources and for helping me, through your superb educational system, to achieve success, both professionally and personally.”

Edgar Barroso