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 Bachelor Degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management

The International Hospitality and Tourism Management Bachelor degree program is for those with a passion for crossing continents and cultures. Seekers of this degree are adventurous individuals with a strong desire to interact with people from around the world. They want to understand the cultural and personal needs of travelers so that they can provide them with the most fulfilling experience. Talented professionals in international hospitality and tourism management are responsible for creating the positive memories tourists remember for a lifetime.

 !  This degree is offered in Madrid Campus, Florida on-line (read more)


Starting Dates

Academic Calendar

January7th Jan
February3rd Feb
March3rd Mar
April31st Mar
May28th Apr
June26th May
July7th July
August4th August
September1st Sept
October29th Sept
November27th Oct
December24th Nov

Undergraduate Fees

N. of Courses Cost (Euros) Duration
1 course 1 357 € 1 month/3 credits
4 courses 5 428 € 1 academic session/12 credits
10 courses 13 570 € Average academic year
20 courses 27 140 € Full Associate Degree (2 years)
40 courses 54 280 € Full Bachelor Degree (3-4 years)

Undergraduate Fees include cultural activity fee of 40 euros per month

Books and living expenses are not included


Required International Business Courses


BA 261 Principles of Business Law 3
BA 322 International Marketing 3
BA 341 Business Finance 3
BA 369 Introduction to Sustainable Development 3
BA 370 Business Communication 3
BA 374 Statistics 3
BA 384 Behavioral Aspects 3
BA 401 Human Resources Management 3
BA 427 Marketing Management 3
MAR 2011 Principles of Marketing 3

Required International Hospitality & Tourism Courses


HM 423 Convention & Event Management 3
HM 451 Leadership & Management in Hospitality & Tourism 3

Required General Education Courses


AR 222 Art History 3
BA/EN 200 Cross-Cultural Communication 3
EN 373 Public Speaking 3
EN 490 Intercultural Communication 3
IR 221 Introduction to International Relations 3
PS 221 Introduction to Political Science 3
PSY 1021 General Psychology 3
SO 137 Science and Society 3



Total Credits Required: