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BA401 – Human Resources Management

1.  Course Number:  BA 401         Credits:  3         Contact hours: 45

2.  Course Title:         Human Resources Management 

3.  Pre-requisites:       BA 131 and at least one upper-level BA course 

4.  Course Description:Familiarizes students with the activities of a human resources (HR) manager and the specific problems of managing a workforce.  Cases and simulation exercises, HR planning, training and development of employees.  Problems of industrial relations. 

5. Student Learning Outcomes Upon Successful completion of this course, students will be able to:  

Interpret  management styles Exam
Differentiate between leadership and supervision Exam
Explain evaluation of performance Exam
Compare compensation systems Exam
Examine the international perspective in Human Resource Management Term Paper, Exam

6.  Basic Texts: Title:                Human Resource Management Gaining a Competitive Advantage, 5th ed Authors:          Noe, Raymond A, et al Publisher:        McGraw-Hill ISBN:              0072987383

7.  Additional Reading and Supplemental Texts: As assigned by instructor. See addendum  

8.  Mode of Delivery: Classroom Instruction. See Addendum for specific details.

9. Course Outline: Topics Covered                                                                                   Academic Hours  

  • Introduction: What is HR management and its role in the company    3
  • Environment:                                                                                         3

–The work force –The legal environment

  • HR Planning:                                                                                         6

–Evaluating the needs of the company –Recruiting, selecting –Hiring, termination

  • Training and developing employees                                                      3
  • Leading and supervising employees                                                      3
  • Mid-term examination                                                                           3
  • Leadership styles:                                                                                  3

–Communication theories –Motivation

  • Management development                                                                     3
  • Evaluation Techniques: Management by objective                                3
  • Compensation                                                                                        3
  • Industrial Relations: Basic theory and trends                                        3
  • HR Management in the international perspective: Class exercise         6
  • Final examination                                                                                   3

TOTAL                                                                                                          45