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Application procedures

Each scholarship candidate will be required to fill out the Application for Scholarship.

  • All Scholarships are going to be awarded by the SIU Scholarship Award Committee.
  • SIU Scholarship Award Committee will monitor students’ progress and decide on the extension of the awarded scholarship.
  • Information regarding our scholarships are presented clearly and consistently on our website or you may email questions to
  • International Students’ transcripts will be evaluated to determine GPA.
  • The definition of Successful Completion is “Passing all courses attempted within a semester while maintaining at or above the required cumulative GPA”.
  • Different scholarships cannot be combined (except Jump Start and Inter Campus Transfer Scholarships) and on the special approval from the University President.


Below terms apply to all students:

  1. University reserves the right to change scholarship offerings without notice at any time.
  2. Student must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours for each If a student is unable to attend 12 hours in a semester due to transfer credits (course availability) the scholarship will be awarded after the completion of 12 credit hours. Student is responsible for all financial obligations to the school.
  3. All Scholarships are posted to student ledgers at the end of the completion of each successful semester if a stipend has not been paid.
  4. Scholarships will be for tuition only, cannot be used for stipend Students that request stipends forfeit any current or future scholarships.
  5. Students must be in good financial standing with the institution to receive their award(s).
  6. Students that are in default on title IV student loans are not eligible to receive any scholarships other than the Employer Reimbursement Matching Scholarship.
  7. All Scholarship awards recommended by the Scholarship Committee need to be approved and finalized by the Campus Director or VP of Financial Aid and Compliance.
  8. Application Deadlines: Students must apply a minimum of two (2) Fridays prior to the start date, excluding the Employer Reimbursement Matching Scholarship.
  9. Scholarship applications will not be considered without Original Official Transcripts.