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Schiller International University host the conference on internationalization of companies between Mexico and Spain. (The 08/06/2016)

The reforms promoted by the Administration of Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) have opened up the range of possibilities for foreign investors. This was affirmed by Raul Rodriguez and Andres Massieu Berlanga, partners Medina Pictures International, a company recently established to promote the internationalization of companies between Mexico and Spain

Open Classroom lesson José Pinto Could ‘The Goosebecome the new ‘Zara’? (Expansion 13-16 June)

Nothing teaches and motivates a student to engage in a real business situation. And it is what students recently experienced Schiller Competition Multicultural Business subject for the challenge of choosing a country to expand one of the Spanish companies with more international potential, El Ganso.

Special graduate programs (ABC Empresa 5/06//2016)

Schiller International University in the list of “ABC Empresa” special graduate programs.

Law, business, finance crown jewels (5/06/2016 ABC Empresa)

On their own or together, these disciplines are an outstanding and recognized, offer postgraduate and master’s degrees” which ensure that: “Schiller International University offers, also in English, his Master in Business Administration -MBA-, the MBA in International Business and MBA in International Hospitality and Tourism Management”.

Only 7% of high school students is considered bilingual (20Minutos 4/06/2016)

56% of those surveyed recognize having only an average level of English. The percentage of those who believe that develop their career in Spain grows from 38% to 46% in two years. Increase the number of students who want to start their own business and reduces the waiting have intermediate positions.

Unafraid to mobility and be entrepreneurs (The Mediterranean newspaper 31/05/2016)

The new generation of college students will recognize that where the work of his own to other provinces or abroad. 55% of students to the next or the next course will access the university has perspective leave Spain to develop professionally, most of them in other European countries (33%), 18% in the US (compared to 26% in 2014), 2% in Asia and 1% in South America (3% in 2014), according to another report from the Schiller International University on mobility. Also he says it has increased by 8% the number of young people who plan to develop their career in Spain (from 38 to 46%).

Formation of international democratization (Expansión 05/30/2016)

The question of internationalization has gained special importance after the crisis, when the Spanish youth unemployment has exceeded 50% and around 25% in the case of the population under 30 years of university education. “Youth unemployment is essentially a Spanish problem, so it is necessary that young people come to the markets that are demanding people with international training” indicaManuel Alonso Puig, president of all the campus of Schiller International University. In his opinion, “the Spanish universities have made a huge effort over the last 30 years to immerse students in global markets, but there is still a huge way to go, as evidenced by the difficulties to access these markets.”

Students more and better prepared (ABC Empresa 29/05/2016)

According to a study of Schiller International University, 9 out of 10 students choose their career by vocation.

Where and how university students from Spain see themselves working in 2025 (Expansión 28/05/2016)

46% of high school students of Spanish believes develop his career in his country, according to the findings of a study by the Schiller International University. The previous edition of the study, conducted in 2014 indicated that the percentage of youth who aspired to careers in Spain was 38%, so the current share represents an increase of 8 points in this regard.

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Why  students transfer from University to another? (La Razón 27/05/2016)

False expectations are the main cause of change study center, so in Schiller International University students listening is a fundamental task to find out what you need and suit your needs. How can we improve student academic experience? What resources do we have to put at their disposal to achieve success? How can we help? These are some of the questions that the Director of Admissions Schiller International University for the Madrid Campus, Mark Cintron, believes that the Spanish niversities should consider: “The person employed in all those questions, the ‘we’ is the key ‘ .

Special 30 years of training Expansion – Schiller University (Expansion 25/05/2016)

“This American university has a presence in various parts of the US, Germany, France, UK and Spain. Four are the key to educate people to compete abroad aspects, according to the president of the campus: “Teaching should take place in English, students must be of different nationalities, must be offered the opportunity to study in various countries (to learn about their cultures, politics and the way business is done) and you have to provide students with an observer and adaptive mental structure, so you can understand the way of life of these places. “

Activity performed by students of Schiller in the subject of Multicultural Competence for business (Entorno Inteligente 24/05/2016)

The coordinator of Competition Multicultural subject to business SIU, Joseph B. Pinto explains why this type of dynamic work as well for training students: “We reproduce a real environment in which students must submit and convince the directors of the company. That students put into practice what has been learned is our role as educators, so teach them to break the last frontier, cultural. This helps them understand how to do business and, in fact, we have seen a huge evolution in business mentality of many of them. “

It is the third year that Schiller International University develops this initiative implementation of projects in collaboration with their managers. Two years ago they made with the founder and CEO of the bicycle company Yamimoto D. Manuel Muniz, and last year it was the turn of the CEO of mobile operator Pepephone, D. Pedro Serrahima.

Schiller appears in ABC ranking of the top 25 universities in the information titled What study and where to study ?:

Only in Spain are offered about 3,000 undergraduate degrees, the Schiller University figure in the prestigious ranking by ABC.

Schiller International University commitment to employability (Executive Excellence April 2016)

In March 2014, Manuel Alonso Puig assumed the ultimate responsibility of Schiller International University, being named president and CEO. Just a year and a half before, from his position as vice chancellor for Europe, he had committed to consolidate the three campuses that American University has in Europe: in Paris, Heidelberg and Madrid, and is completed with the initial in Florida.
Not only got it, but Schiller will be installed in London from September, on the campus of the University of Roehampton, one of the leading British universities as the ratio of student satisfaction. This opening will allow students greater international mobility, in addition to obtaining a double degree getting in Schiller, and with which they can access both the European labor market as an American.

The customer as a fan in financial companies (Intelligent Environment – 04/26/2016)

The technology and finance expert Juan Manuel Lara shared a talk on digital management of financial companies with students of different nationalities University Schiller International University.

Facilitating loans Tuition (Writing Mastermas – 04/26/2016)

Schiller International University has signed a financing agreement 4% interest with Banco Popular to “facilitate student access to education at the highest level with very beneficial financial conditions,” said Manuel Alonso, president of the school. The agreement provides for three types of loans (enrollment, career and master) including the cost of tuition and other college expenses. The loans have a fee of 1% and no redemption fees or cancellation. Consultation postgraduates Schiller More Information

Schiller International University and Banco Popular signed a financing agreement (IyMagazine -26/04/2016)

Manuel Alonso, president of Schiller International University, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Banco Popular to finance the expenses of students who can access loans with an interest rate of 4% for tuition and other costs associated with their studies. The loans have a fee of 1% and no redemption fees or cancellation.

Schiller International University signed a financing agreement at 4% interest with Banco Popular ( 21/04/2016)

Under this agreement three types of loans are offered: Loan to finance tuition exclusively tuition fees for a maximum value of 6,000 euros repayable over a maximum period of 12 months; Loan career, which includes tuition undergraduate and other living expenses, material or transport to return within a maximum period of 10 years with 12 month grace period; and Loan Master, designed to cover all the costs of studies, graduate, doctoral research, master and languages within a maximum period of 5 years with 2 years grace period.

FP studying in ISPE You can recognize up to 30% of an Associate Degree credits by US Schiller International University

Through FORTEC, Technical Forum Training, which ISPE is a partner, students who decide to opt for a degree of training cycle Higher Level in Adeministración and Finance and International Trade may validate up to 30% of the subjects to study a Asociate Degree in International Business from the Schiller International University (SIU).

Schiller International University will have in September a new campus in London (Ecoaula 2/03/2016)

Schiller London will be installed on the campus of the University of Roehampton. According to Manuel Alonso Puig, CEO and president of Schiller International University: “the opening of a fifth campus allows our students greater international mobility, in addition to obtaining a double degree with which can access both the European labor market as the American .


Russell Palmer: “We do not want to be huge but very strategic” 02/07/2015

The aim of this institution is that its students “not only speak other languages and learn about cross-cultural relations, but that they know and live in a different culture without having to change their academic content. We wanted a real and deep immersion,” he stresses. “Other institutions, – he chides- what they do is, open schools in Asia, but they don’t worry about the curriculum having any continuity.”

Journal des Grandes Ecoles 24/06/2015

On Wednesday, June 17th, I met Mr. Russell Palmer, CEO of the Palmer Group and principal owner of Schiller International University (SIU). Together with SIU top managers, he highlighted the American university’s main goal to prepare students for future challenges in a global business environment.


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